Spiritual consultation is an alternative option for spiritual people seeking guidance from a soul level during challenging times. Having a guide who is well-versed in the turbulence of spiritual evolution creates a unique therapeutic experience you can feel spiritually good about.


Rebecca Rockwood offers dynamic spiritual consultation that is cross-denominational and tailored to your belief system.



Even if you've lost Divine trust or don't know what to believe anymore, Rebecca can help bring your life back to center and together, find a truth that resonates with you. 


Rebecca has spent the last several years perfecting her work in assisting individuals who have tuned into their spirituality but are still struggling with depression, feeling overwhelmed by city life and/or the energy of others, general anxiety, life transitions, trauma, difficulty coping with the "speeding up" of life, etc. Her expertise lies in teaching individuals how to connect to their inner Divinity and strengthen their connection and collaboration with Spirit. Rebecca provides practical, gentle guidance from a Soul level which people find very refreshing from conventional therapy. Her techniques can be easily applied to every day life to ease emotional turbulence and to help reconnect with Spirit. 


Our Mission

Rebecca Rockwood strives to illuminate and empower each individual's greatest potential through the reconnection of Divinity within themselves. Through the vehicles of deep introspection, mindfulness and personal awareness, individuals can integrate soulful habits, activities and thoughts into their daily lives and attain a state of steadfast peace and validation of personal power. Individuals can then become a beacon of inspiration for others, gently circulating an energy of compassion, healing and love to all of whom of which they connect.


Rebecca Rockwood

Spiritual Consultant, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Awakenings Minister

Rebecca Rockwood is a Spiritual Consultant, fully ordained Awakenings Minister and  Certified Spiritual Counselor from Awakenings Institute based in California. She is also certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Spiritual Kinesiology and is a Certified Soul Purpose Advisor. Rebecca attained her Master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in mental health from the University of Illinois Chicago Jane Addams Graduate School of Social Work. Her time spent during her practicum at a renowned hospital in Chicago in the adult psychiatric unit was bittersweet. Rebecca explains, "I loved the individuals I worked with, but I never liked the idea of calling them 'patients' and I knew I could never get truly comfortable diagnosing people--giving them a label so they can have a name for their suffering. My supervisor wanted me to finish with interviews in ten minutes. I refused to do that. I took a full hour and listened to these people. That's when I realized being a conventional therapist wasn't for me. The medical world totally misses the mind-body-spirit connection. So I pursued further education in building my own practice with a spiritual approach--where I can take my time with people and focus on healing on all levels. As my past clients can attest, they love my services and I make my services my life's work. That's how much I value each individual that comes to me." 

Despite Rebecca's formal education in mental health, she advocates on seeing beyond the labels of mental illness--seeing the heart of the individuals and ways in which they suffer. "On a spiritual level, there are common processes people go through as they spiritually evolve. Spiritual depression and energy overwhelm are practically rites of passage. And that's usually where people are when they find me. They just get stuck there and sometimes they've been there for years because they're riddled with fear. But what they don't know is they're in good company with all the other mystics and spiritual leaders of the past. All endured trials that run parallel to losing faith, life direction and feeling socially isolated. But after you come out on the other side, you'll barely recognize your former self. I have past clients that actually laugh at their former self--that they whole-heartedly believed they were what they were back then and their whole life was going to be the same as it had been up until they found me."


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