“I loved working with Rebecca! She is a ray of JOY, insight, wisdom, intuition and asks all the supportive questions that lead you right to the Divine. I felt so inspired, empowered and rejuvenated in her presence. Thanks for your presence and wisdom and helping me reconnect to the spark of the Divine. You are absolutely amazing.”


“When I started working with Rebecca, life wasn’t worth living, just total doom and gloom. I was suicidal, literally lining up my pill bottles. I was totally stuck and couldn’t see a way out. I’ve always been pretty traditional and religious, so when I first met her, my first reaction was ‘you gotta be f-ing kidding me. This lady is WEIRD.’ I really thought she was f-ing out of her mind CRAZY. I mean WAY out there. She was a BIG stretch for me. I had been in conventional therapy for about 7 years, going through five different therapists and going to all of these anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder support groups. My life was in total chaos, but I stuck it out with her because she spoke my language and felt relateable. It’s funny because she didn’t really talk about my anxiety much (very different from ‘support’ groups!). She quickly became the best part of my week because the rest of my life was so sh*tty, I gladly drove an hour and a half both ways each week to see her. There were many times I came to her office feeling completely down and left her office feeling like I could rule the world. I still don’t know HOW she did that. I liked that she’s non-judgmental and encouraging. She helps people see their future of what it could be. I thought she was crazy out of her mind when she told me I could do audio sound and here I am buying sound equipment, handing out business cards and stretching and expanding myself, making connections and putting myself out there—something I NEVER would have done a year ago!

She showed me a different way to relate and act and how to manage my rage which was totally out of control before her. She put things simply to get to underlying issues. She never focused on my Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, she just always saw what I could be. Now, I have a clear focus in everyday life, I don’t argue and bargain with God, I let go of my controlling personality, and now I can say I have real peace! I feel AWESOME. I’m a HUNDRED times better. I even cleared clutter stuff out of my garage that sat there for I don’t know how many years. My connection with God is reassuring that I’m going in the right direction and I’m optimistic—no more ‘black and white’ thinking!

If you’re thinking about working with Rebecca, she’s the real deal. Stick it out. She’s totally worth the time and effort. She gave me hope when there hadn’t been hope and hope is HUGE when you have nothing else. I can tell you, you too can be connected with God, have peace and your tranquility can be a ‘10!’ If you’re still skeptical, have her call me so I can tell you myself! She’s a gift from God.”


“Spiritual remorse” is the best term I could use to describe how I felt when I crossed paths with Rebecca. Heavy feelings of guilt, shame and regret combined with resentment and bitterness plagued my mind for months, leaving me as a shell of who I always knew I was. The situation I was in was not just emotional and mental anguish, but felt at the core of my soul. I was terribly broken due to a bout of self-sabotage that ripped apart the path I knew I was supposed to take to fulfill God’s Will for my life. In the process, I ruined a meaningful partnership with someone whose spiritual path was entwined with my own. I truly felt my actions were unforgivable and that I was doomed to live with this heaviness forever and would never again be able to realign with my Higher Path.

In the midst of my depression and anxiety, I found Rebecca. I knew that only someone who was truly spiritually grounded would be able to understand my situation. The thought of seeking a traditional therapist only made me feel worse. Crossing paths with Rebecca was a beacon of hope for me. She has a holistic understanding of spirituality that is capable of relating to anyone’s core beliefs and healing anyone’s heart and soul. If you work with her, I advise you to lay aside any preconceived notions about what it takes to heal and move forward and learn to trust her. She truly knows what works and what doesn’t. Through her wise advice and support, I was finally able to achieve what I previously thought was impossible: inner peace, joy, acceptance, and the courage and strength to move forward. If I can heal, I know Rebecca can guide you to find personal healing as well. She helped me to understand that by connecting to the Divine, forgiving myself and others, strengthening my will and establishing a routine of spiritual maintenance and Good Works, I could move forward with my head held high and my spirit radiating peace.

Now, I am realigned with my Higher Path thanks to Divine Assistance in rerouting me and there is no question that the Divine flows through Rebecca. For all of this, I am grateful for her presence in my life as she is truly a gift to the whole world!”


“Before Rebecca, I had gotten really good at managing my dysfunction and fear. I had shut completely down. My mentality was “this is the way it’s always going to be.” I knew there was God in my life to a certain degree but any joy I had was always fleeting. When I first started working with Rebecca, I was skeptical because I was basing it on my past experiences of people who claim to be spiritual. I didn’t think there was going to be anything different about going to her. But I discovered how the Divine works through her and came to trust her very early on. She gave me resources and things to do, I did them, and then I began to REALLY connect with God!

Since then, I have more order in my life and I have the most profound inner peace. I wake up in the morning and make my bed. I’ve cleared out years of office clutter! And it wasn’t hard! I just wanted my outer environments to reflect the peace I have now. I can’t think of one psychological constraint I have now. I’m even switching careers, going from decades in the tech field to starting my own spiritually-based business. She gave me the space to say anything and the speed of how quick it happened is amazing! Also, I got the book she wrote and it’s the perfect wayside through the process of working with her. I never encountered a time when I picked it up and didn’t find where I was in the process. The chapters are short and affirming of where was or highlights potential roadblocks. I referenced it many, many times and still do!

If you’re still thinking about seeing Rebecca, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give her a try. If you go in honestly, you will find an advocate that will support you all the way through. Working with her is a choice: You can maintain what you currently have or you can choose Rebecca. It really is that stark. By working with her, I discovered a place where change happens without effort. Change happens! The love and profound peace in the Universe isn’t a fleeting experience, but it’s the way life IS. I now know I am completely taken care of and guided and for that, Rebecca, profound thanks!”



"I would like to talk about my experience with Rebecca as my spiritual counselor as our phone sessions have been so useful. I had so many problems with anxiety and depression. As you might notice from my name, I am a Muslim man but had no problems with Rebecca's counsel because she always referred to Allah as "The Divine." I didn't go to a holy person in Islam for counsel because I knew they would say I was bad and I didn't feel comfortable telling them my deepest internal struggles. But I felt safe with Rebecca and she even had knowledge of the Holy Quran and would quote some Ayah translations from it that helped a lot in getting the best advice from her. I never felt judged in any of our sessions, but on the contrary, I felt she was more compassionate and understanding of my situation than I was of myself. Rebecca also had fine words of wisdom in each part of our discussions to find the correct solution to the problems I faced. 

She was also more than open to having as many sessions as needed not only during our phone sessions but sometimes in email when I needed extra help between sessions. That shows a lot about her character and her being a generous and devoted person to her profession. One more thing I want to mention about Rebecca is that she's really a trustworthy woman that you can express your deepest fears, thoughts and ideas since she is a good keeper of your secrets, even the ones that you do not feel comfortable or proud to discuss with anyone else. 

I can honestly say that I've got rid of most of the fear, anxiety and nervousness I had before working with Rebecca. I cannot find a way to express my gratitude to Rebecca for what she has helped me accomplish in just a few weeks of sessions. I know no matter how I pay her back in material things, I would not be able to give back to her what she provided me, but I also know that Rebecca is a gift from God and He only can reward her right for the blessing He bestowed upon me through her. I pray He enables me to pay my debt for her in any way possible soon. May Allah bless you Rebecca."



"Oh gosh. Where do I start? When I found Rebecca, I was very depressed, had PTSD. I used to wish for a better lifestyle, more money, was focused on spite, violence and retaliation, and had a lot of anger. I was a heavy gamer playing 7 or 8 games a day, full of anxiety and worry and just scared of what I'd become. I wanted a different living situation and was always worrying about money and my future. I was lonely, feared being alone, never being able to love again, was lusting all the time and constantly looking for my next sexual partner and it took me to some really dark places. I used to talk about my spirituality and after working with Rebecca, now I can say, I live it daily. 

What has replaced ALL of those dark things is a drive to be closer to the Divine. My eating habits have changed, (I used to eat large portions and now I eat clean and minimally and feel sustained). I feel connected to God where before I didn't feel connected and wasn't even listening for guidance from Spirit. I now even allow myself to be guided everyday while working and it benefits my workflow unfailingly. With Rebecca's help, I gained the courage to quit my old job where I was stuck and unhappy and started working for myself. I made half a year's worth of salary equivalent of old job in my first six weeks of working for myself. I even went back to my old job to visit and they all said I looked happier and more relaxed! I feel I'm fully living my purpose in life because I'm now using my spiritual abilities and gifts to help people and I'm SO fulfilled. I should have been doing this a LONG time ago. 

Rebecca has shown me support I've never had before--how to grow out of my past. She's gentle most times but firm when needed to reinforce what needs to be done. This is something I never received in conventional counseling. In fact, I even quit my conventional therapist of 10 years and accomplished all of these changes in just 7 months of working with Rebecca. My life went from utter despair, anger and bitterness to peace, understanding and Divine Trust. I know without Rebecca's help, I would either be dead or very sick by now.  I don't even swear anymore! I am active in my spiritual practice, I'm just relaxed and don't worry anymore. If you feel lost, let Rebecca help you! I'm in my 60's so it isn't too late. You will see your life DOES have meaning and you can be happy every day!"



"My profession forces me to constantly look within and see where I can continue to grow mentally, spiritually and physically. I went through a profound personal journey about 3 years ago and recently started to feel lost. I reached out to Rebecca to get a different perspective and I am incredibly grateful that I did. Rebecca not only has a unique perspective on things, but she is so passionate in what she does. I believe that if you are in the position to help people and that is your calling, then coming from a place of love and openness is crucial. This is what I found through ONE phone session with her.

If you are just beginning on a path of personal or spiritual discovery, or if you feel like you may be stuck, Rebecca is a great resource. She genuinely cares and can help you look at things from a different angle. They say change isn't always better, but better always starts with change. Thanks Rebecca for helping me change my perspective on things!"



Although I was initially skeptical about the idea of visiting a spiritual counselor, my expectations were pleasantly exceeded by the skills that Rebecca has displayed and the quality of her work. I sat with a previous counselor for over 500 sessions over a 12 year period to treat PTSD but was not significantly motivated to transcend my situation. I had become dissatisfied with the variable and impermanent effects of anti-depressant medications, while merely treating the symptoms and not the causes of PTSD. What I needed instead was soul transformation, before I could effectively transcend adverse circumstances in my life.

In approximately 10 sessions, Rebecca has provided me with the motivation to focus and rise above the limitations and negative energies located within my thoughts and false beliefs. Through her guidance, I have learned how to more keenly observe my thoughts and how they effect my mood stability. She has reminded me to use the God-given tools within each one of us to rise above the limitations that we impose on ourselves. I am now exceedingly more confident that I can achieve the substantive changes I desire in life. These include health management through exercise and diet, securing better relationships, writing a book and building a spiritual community."



After experiencing little success from more conventional therapy methods, I was introduced to Rebecca during my darkest days of depression and anxiety and she has truly been the guiding light in helping me find the way back to my path. She is one of the most spiritually evolved individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, graced with exceptional wisdom that far exceeds her physical years. Her insights and advice have proven to be invaluable in bringing me back to my true self. While coming from a spiritual perspective, Rebecca is extremely down-to-earth and easy to talk with, even for someone experiencing social anxiety and who often has trouble sharing personal details. She is able to cut through illusions and self-imposed roadblocks with incredible precision and sheds light on the root cause of even the most complicated issues.

Rebecca's passion and complete dedication to helping others is unparalleled. I cannot express enough about how much she has helped me through my most trying times. Her methods are more than effective--they are profoundly miraculous! I feel absolutely blessed that Rebecca has chosen to share her gifts by offering guidance and support to those in need. I would highly recommend her counsel to anyone struggling with extreme depression or anxiety, and also to those looking for insight into their deepest and most important aspects of their life. My experience with her has truly been divine intervention and I am eternally grateful to have had her come into my life."



"I have found Rebecca Rockwood's spiritual services enlightening and liberating to say the least. Rebecca has taken the time to get to know me and some of the issues that I have been conflicted with throughout a number of years. In a few short weeks of sessions with her, I realized just how many mental blocks I have put up in myself, i.e., expectations, what other people think of me, general anxiety...and now I feel like it's just been clearing away and I am starting anew, as if looking at the world with a clean slate.

Rebecca has taught me how to look within myself and question what fears I was experiencing and perceiving in contrast to what is actually happening. By her guiding me through these sessions, I have decreased anxiety in my life and regained self-confidence in knowing everything is okay. With this new gained self-confidence, I have decided to begin exploring new pathways in healthy living and healthy decision-making. The best parts I enjoy about her spiritual guidance is the fact that she provides a number of tools and resources to use while away from her practice. If anyone out there is looking for a way to find life-balance and self-control of their destiny, I would highly recommend Rebecca Rockwood's spiritual services."


When I first met Rebecca, her passion for her work was extremely evident. She has a gift for assisting others. As we set goals and discussed what I was seeking, she utilized all of her resources, including spiritual influences, which are readily present during sessions. If you are gifted with "sight" and "discernment" (as I am), you will see them [Divine Assistants] from time to time. We analyzed my life and how the situations I put myself in affected my spiritual growth. Over the few weeks I've been seeking her guidance, I've been able to make great strides. This has been accomplished by heeding her advice and making the changes suggested. She is SPOT ON. I will (and have) recommended her guidance and I will continue to seek her guidance."



"Thank you so much for the session today. I was crying when I came to you and was calm as can be when I left. I found my inner self with your help and I've been in a great mood ever since. Thank you so much for all your help. I'll definitely be coming back to you! I'm going to tell all of my friends about you. You have gift! Thanks again."



"I just wanted to let everyone know I had my session with Rebecca today and it was quite lovely. I felt 100% better after the session. Rebecca's methods were new to me but they had a very strong and profound impact on my mood and thought processes. Anyone who might need an extra little bit of help overcoming some of the obstacles life throws our direction, talk to Rebecca. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how great you feel afterward! I would definitely see her again and cannot recommend her enough."




"I did a session with Rebecca over the phone for anxiety issues. The techniques were very helpful, easy to do and not only made me feel better but like I had made a step toward conquering them. She is extremely professional and respectful. Would highly recommend her services to those who have tried traditional therapy services and found them exhausting and unhelpful as I did."



"I am an artist and came to a time where I was having a lot of fears, doubts and anxiety about my work so I had a phone session with Rebecca. It didn't take long at all. She has a deeply calming influence and was a confident guide. After our session, I had a heavy weight of anxiety lifted off my chest and was ready to get back to work as soon as we were off the phone."



"My attempts to reconnect with myself and my inner child were not successful. I pictured myself face-down dead in a ditch by the side of some road. To my immense surprise, Rebecca was able to help me find her. She was not dead, just hiding from life. Rebecca in addition to having a traditional counseling background, has astonishing knowledge of new, alternative techniques for dealing immediately with overwhelming pain. Our session was very well-rounded, helpful and personal. I believe Rebecca has the gift of tuning into each individuals' pain and responds in the way that will be most helpful. This has not been a common experience in therapy for me and I've had therapists since 1990. I felt heard, validated, challenged, real and revitalized when I left my session. I cannot really express to you how shocked I was when I realized my inner child and my present and future selves are alive!"



"My session with Rebecca was extremely helpful. She provided a tranquil atmosphere, helpful advice and peace of mind. I felt all the negativity in my life melt away as we had our clearing session. I had a few session with her and felt better each time! She is truly amazing at leaving you feel refreshed, revived and confident to take on life's obstacles. I would recommend having a session with Rebecca if you're struggling with anything at all. She helped me with family issues and my insecurity about my weight. It was extremely convenient because our session was over the phone! I was in the comfort of my own home and I believe that helped in the clearing process. Please give this a try everyone!"




"I had an in-person session with Rebecca yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Rebecca is very kind and professional and by using some guided visualizations and pressure point techniques, were able to find out what I truly needed to be working on to continue to clear these negative emotions. I'm very grateful to her and definitely recommend her."



I had an over-the-phone session with Rebecca and she is amazing. Through the use of guided meditation and pressure point adjustment of energy flows, we tackled some of the emotional blocks I had. I felt my energies shift, connect and settle into place, as if they had been slightly off-course and were moving back to where they belonged. Rebecca gives you the tools to help clear emotional blocks and keep them clear."



"Rebecca is very professional and talks through everything with you so that she can get to the source of what's bothering you. Thanks Rebecca, I enjoyed the clearing you did with me and I look forward to the next one!"



"I had a beautifully amazing experience today. I went into this with an open mind and expecting some clarity on how to approach my future career-wise. However, I was so surprised to find that my family life was my major stresser and quite possibly was clouding my path to that career I desire. I had no idea. I came out of this so much more in tune with my inner self and life path as well as ways to lessen that home life stress. I left the session feeling lighter, more calm and on some sort of high. I was also taught a type of meditation in which did and will help me in the future to achieve a calmness as well as help me find that voice to speak to me and give the answers I need in those moments. For all of that I thank you many times over Rebecca."



"My experience with Rebecca continues to be a truly unique and healing one. The first session set the tone. I entered her space and could actually feel the healing energy permeating the room. Dimly lit with candles burning and the soft sound of majestic whales conversing in the background, I felt like I had entered the safety of Mother Earth's womb. I deal with anxiety and depression but being there in that space, those seem to diminish noticeably. Without fail, I always feel a shift as the sessions draw to a close. I leave in a healthier, more peaceful place. Rebecca is truly compassionate. She has a special gift of helping guide others to their inner place of peace."