The Pain and Beauty of Evolution

You know it when you feel it, a stagnation...a literal if an invisible force is acting as a wall for you to go no further. This familiar but dreaded pain that can go from a discomfort to a heavy burden seemingly overnight if pushed to the side, denied or "rationalized," exists for a reason.  This ultimately plunges one into depression, otherwise known as a "dark night of the soul." And then things go dark. Really dark. And suddenly you are in your own world of shadow and dank, unable to see a way out. You get tangled in thoughts and beliefs in your mind which literally trip you up into a personal web of entanglement, unable to decipher Truth from illusion, even losing your own concept of yourself. You may get caught up in a mind that isn't even ultimately yours, but a collection of projected ideas, expectations and beliefs from past family members, society or cultural norms. You hit the bottom of the pit. Your external circumstances seem to be validating your thoughts about yourself... And the ultimate question presents itself: "Who am I?" You can answer with another question, "What am I resisting?" The answer---EVOLUTION.

Life is but a series of moments in which we are ultimately becoming more of our Authentic Self which is characterized by the amount of joy, service, love, laughter and embracing our natural Divine gifts and talents for the greater service of humanity. The way in which this occurs is where one can find themselves in the dark. And the more you resist, the more set back and stagnated you will feel. For example, getting hired at a new job may bring joy but may also raise fears of incompetence. The ending of a relationship may cause you to feel disconnected or disoriented.  Sharing your dream with someone only to hear "How are you going to do that? You can't do that..." may make you question what you can accomplish in life. But in the realm of Soul reality, a catalyst in the form of what appears to be your personal grim reaper is a sign that you are ready to evolve. This means the smaller, older version of yourself will give way to a rebirthing of a stronger, more resilient, more powerful new you. In short, if an event scares you, it's time to evolve. And if you resist, you will grow bigger in your tiny box in which you are outgrowing and it will hurt. Now the question is, "How do I evolve in the least amount of pain possible?"

The number one aspect that stops you in tracks is FEAR. However, fear alone isn't enough. You start to build things around it, such as what people will think of you, believing you aren't good enough and essentially self-criticize yourself to death. The ONE thing that banishes fear is SERVICE, which is related to your Life Mission. You immediately dissolve fear via taking inspired action. Just a step forward in the direction in which you resonate with on a heart level is enough to put fear in its place. In doing even one thing, you have then exercised courage, which, when practiced, is the stairway to RESILIENCE. Returning to your basis of Love and Service will ultimately give you the courage to take steps toward the next version of yourself, and the Universe wants you to succeed, therefore, the Law of Synchronicity will allow you to meet the proper people at the right time to assist you in your Mission. You have just become your own light in the dark. And from the spiritual realm, there is nothing on Earth more absolutely beautiful than a human in the darkness, despite despair, grief and the appearance of external circumstances, shining forth his mighty rod of Light and Faith and rising as a Phoenix from the fire, birthing himself into his next ultimate and grandest version, ready to be of service for those who are in the dark.

Rebecca Rockwood