Welcome to Spiritual Reconnection! I'm SO excited to be sharing this journey with you. You're about to change your life in a powerful way.

I believe Rebecca has the gift of tuning into each individual’s pain and responds in the way that will be most helpful. This has not been a common experience for me and I’ve had therapists since 1990...
— Anonymous
"I joined Spiritual Reconnection because I want to know how to go forward in life, merging my material life with my spiritual life to be a better person." ---ANONYMOUS


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...I cannot express enough about how much she has helped me through my most trying times. Her methods are more than effective—they are profoundly miraculous!

My experience with her has truly been divine intervention and I am eternally grateful to have had her come into my life.
— Erik
Through her guidance... I am EXCEEDINGLY more confident that I can achieve the changes I desire in life... Health management, better relationships, writing a book and building a spiritual community!
— Victor

Heya! I'm Rebecca Rockwood,

And I'm totally about personal attention, making sure you talk to a REAL person (me) if you need help, and my top priority is to giving you the proper tools you can use for real results and you don't feel like you're blowing in the wind. Post in our group if you need assistance! ...I'll see you there! 

To Your Happiness,

Rebecca Rockwood :)