Rebecca Rockwood, LLC Disclaimer: While spiritual consultation and meditation techniques have helped many people, there is no guarantee they will work for each individual. Rebecca Rockwood, LLC works in a spiritual capacity and is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Please consult your medical health professional regarding meditative and spiritual self-improvement techniques before consulting with Rebecca as she does not recommend substituting these techniques for the professional services of a doctor or medical professional. When utilizing these techniques you understand you are in full control and have sole responsibility of their use at all times and do not hold Rebecca Rockwood, LLC liable for any reason, forever,  including adverse life affects or events including financial loss, before, during or after services are rendered therein. Anyone who contacts Rebecca and/or receives individual or group services or purchases a program is presumed to have fully read and completely understands spiritual services do not replace the services of a license healthcare provider, you fully understand you should contact your licensed medical healthcare provider for psychiatric and/or medical care in the event of a mental, emotional or physical emergency at any time before, during and after services by Rebecca Rockwood, LLC are rendered and you fully agree to this disclaimer.