If I'm So Spiritual, Why Do I Feel So Crappy?

If I'm So Spiritual, Why Do I Feel So Crappy?


If you've been begging God for help and not getting a reply, there's a reason why! Through this simple yet dynamic process, you can build real physical evidence of how God can bail you out. In this book you'll uncover:

Why depression and anxiety are a normal part of spiritual evolution

·         The key spiritual faculty that allows you to be emotionally independent

·         How to stop the inertia of your life, tie up loose ends and start over

·         How your current circumstances aren't proof of you failing in life

·         How to physically feel God

·         The methodology for effective prayer for real results

·         What to do when you spiritually evolve out of relationships and the mainstream

·         And more!

If you're tired of being a victim of your own life, it's time to take control. Even if you don't know "how" anything is going to change, you can partner with the One who does!  If you're low on hope and motivation, start here and upbuild your life from nothing!

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