"I am what I am and I can't see myself as anything else" is where people are when they start working with me. They are exhausted with suffering and swinging from spiritual depression and anxiety. They know there HAS to be more to life than going in circles and being stuck, but they have no idea where to go or "how" to get unstuck--and really don't believe they can.

they literally fear their future.


Sometimes they've been on their journey for a while and things were going great until something happened and they lost their connection to Spirit. As this knocks people off their spiritual kilter, they don't know what to do, where to go or who to tell. If this is you, you've just exactly found what you've been looking for.


...Rebecca’s passion and complete dedication to helping others is unparalleled. I cannot express enough about how much she has helped me through my most trying times. Her methods are more than effective—they are profoundly miraculous!...
— Erik



You're going to love this. There is a way to reconnect and it doesn't take as long as you  think. It doesn't involve spending years dredging up painful stuff from your past. In fact, my process is specifically for spiritual people just like you and starts where you are right now. By the end, you're going to have a direction, a purpose and a Divine mission that feels right.


Heya, I'm Rebecca Rockwood! And I promise I'm not scary. :) I hear "This is going to sound crazy" and "I can't tell my 'other' counselor about this because he won't understand..." at least once a day. You're going to quickly learn that I totally GET IT.  

What I do is simple. Spiritual people come to me when they feel disconnected from Spirit and they don't know where else to go. They swing between spiritual depression and anxiety and feel overwhelmed by energy and don't know what to do. Some have unique energetic experiences and don't understand why.


Most have found themselves socially alone and feel stuck in a particular point in their life, usually due to a life transition or knowing something needs to change in their life. There are many things that can cause a spiritual disconnect, but rest assured, there is a way to reconnect and even go beyond where you were before so you can finally have sustainable peace and real life direction.


Many of my clients have spent years in and out of conventional therapy with little relief and feel they are just messed up and can never be helped. But spiritual issues require a unique approach. Being well-versed in the turbulence of spiritual evolution, I understand it's very individual process that comes with a lot of emotional and energetic changes that can affect you on a physical level.


No matter where you are in your spiritual journey--even if you're just starting out (feeling a pull toward finding more meaning and depth in your life but aren't sure what or why)...  Even if you feel like you're spinning your wheels going nowhere... Let me help you get to where you want to go. I may not have all the answers, but Spirit does, and between the three of us, that's where the magic happens!

Have a look at what I can do for you so we can get you unstuck, reconnected with Spirit and moving forward in life. :)

I believe Rebecca has the gift of tuning into each individual’s pain and responds in a way that will be most helpful. This has not been a common experience in therapy for me and I’ve had therapists since 1990. I felt heard, validated, challenged, real and revitalized when I left my session...
— anonymous



Imagine the person you would be if your life was moving in an inspiring direction. You felt connected to Spirit, could handle all the little pop-up's of life with ease and your life had a sense of deep meaning and purpose. What if you could live moment by moment in a state of gentle awareness (sounds far-fetched, right?), instead of swinging between moods and emotions or thinking you're a failure, you "can't make it" and life just sucks? ALL of my clients start there...exactly where you are.




My clients get results because they first took the action of contacting me (and inaction is an action too!). But you found me because you're ultimately at a crossroads. Perhaps you are exhausted with suffering or are seeking answers to life's bigger questions. All of the events in your life have led you here, to this moment, and you have an opportunity to change your life in a powerful way. 




I know it can be scary, reaching out for guidance and stepping into the unknown. I want to assure you, you are not alone as long as you continue to connect with me. I can understand you may want to isolate because you aren't feeling motivated and you believe you can't be helped, but. Maybe you haven't found the right kind of guidance. And I can't help you if you don't contact me. My past clients are my only voice in the effectiveness of my work. Please read what they have to say (they say a lot, lol...I love it!) and then reach out. Let's get you moving again. :) 

Thank you so much for the session today... I was crying when I came to you and when I left I was as calm as can be. I found my inner self with your help and I’ve been in a great mood ever since. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll definitely be coming back to you!
— linda

Again, I know it's scary and you may want to isolate, but please don't be afraid to reach out. There is no judgement here and you have an opportunity to change your life in a powerful way. 



I sincerely look forward to working with you!

---Rebecca Rockwood